Jon McDevitt

My main occupation is the provision of musical entertainment and therapy to a wide range of different care homes.  I also play some pubs, events and songwriter show cases as and when they come up.  Details of of all these things can be found on the Bookings page.  As far as all the recorded material goes, I'm vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, cogitation, bass, harmonica, mandolin, banjo, tea-making, recording, mixing, arctic explorer, percussion, loop arranging, web site, bookings, admin, cleaning, maintenance, production, private detective and carpenter.  One of those isn't true.  Actually three or four of them aren't true and some of them are only correct in the vaguest sense.  Some of them aren't even plausible given my attention span.

Neill Tupman

Has made all sorts of different guitar noises since about 1990. Some of them can be heard in some of these songs.  He's also played in more bands than you can reasonably shake a stick at without a run up and is an architect in his spare time.  I think he draws a thing and then a boat parks in it.  Something like that.

Anna Jenkins

Anna has been a session musician and music teacher for the past 10 years, specialising in live performance, studio recordings, private violin tuition and teaching in schools across the South of England.  She began Violin studies at the age of 9, progressing through ABRSM exams and completing her Bmus(hons) performance degree at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music in 2005. After leaving Trinity, She began her career as a session Violinist and Violist and travelled the world as a result, performing at various events including the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, and venues such as London's 02 Arena and Abbey Road Studios.  Despite this all being really proper, she, due to a brief lack of clarity, played in Geist somewhere in the middle of all this and handily is still available to be borrowed from time to time.

Matt Francis


Matt is the only member of the band who didn't see fit to join Geist (and it's not like we didn't ask) and opted to join all sorts of other bands instead.  Now that Geist is no more and hasn't functioned in any meaningful way since 2006, he feels it's safe to turn up if needed.  A splendid bassist.  Probably the best of us at counting and riding a bike.  

Stuart Francis

Stu plays on ships and in hotels all over the world and is very difficult to nail down for recording sessions, due to being on ships and in hotels all over the world.  He tried going to college to learn more about drumming, but they said he was better than the teachers they had and would he like to be one.  He tried it but prefers drumming on ships and in hotels all over the world. He writes extraordinary amounts of music himself and can be found on Soundcloud if you want to hear it.  He also grows customised marigolds in his spare time and wants world peace. 

Dave Coston

Dave is a co-writer, long-suffering collaborator, marvellous pianist (have a listen to 'Half A Life Unlived') and player of whichever instruments no one else is around to play. We've recorded several tracks and performed a fair amount just as a duo. We've also spent many hours fixing up knackered studio equipment and cursing computers. Dave has, like Stu, played on lots of ships.  He also has the finest collection of absolutely amazing old 7" singles and another of absolutely terrible films on DVD. Really. The worst. Unfortunately he hasn't been seen in 40 years. 

Dominic Hudson

I've known Dominic almost as long as I've known anybody. He was the wordsmith when I could only make tunes make sense, and still smiths some of the words now. Some of my favourites of the words he's smithed are 'Steam Trains and Long Hot Summers', 'Decreasing Circles', 'Father Christmas', 'When The Wind Blows', 'Memory Lane' and 'Milk and Two Sugars'.  What's now quite some time ago, we used to forgo school in order to get hold of new records on the day they came out because it wasn't reasonable to wait until the afternoon to hear them, or to go to second-hand record shops in London, because apparently it was really important.  There were lots all night pool tournaments and writing and playing music for ludicrous amounts of hours in a row.  I think the record was 73.  Or 71.  I'm not quite sure, but I think I fell asleep first.  I remember Pogues concerts, Fall concerts, somehow being backstage at Bhundu Boys concerts, maybe at the Town and Country Club or The Mean Fiddler.  I remember Dominic phoning to announce that he was off to Moscow the next day, and that we talked about the fact that Russell Harty had just nearly died. Then Russell Harty did die and Dominic returned with cartons of Soviet cigarettes which seemed designed to send us to join him, built as they were, from mainly neat tar and no filter.  Mainly though I remember us laughing like asthmatic drains at, well, you probably had to be there, but at something.  Or maybe just at everything.  Dominic has retreated to Devon these days for the good of our health, but we still write sometimes and we still sometimes laugh like asthmatic drains, although maybe for different reasons now.  Or the same ones.  It's probably the same ones.

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