Events, Pubs and Restaurants

Live bookings can be performances of original material or more general music for pubs, clubs, restaurants or parties.  Unless otherwise stated, all these will be solo and of varying regularity because there seems to be a shortage of hours in the week, but please contact me for availability if any of it's something you might like.


I cover a fairly wide range of material and circumstances and can play material from most of the last hundred years.  Selections from the last 20 years or so are fewer and further between, but they do exist.  It is always worth asking because I'll cover whatever I reasonably can.


A definitive list of things isn't easy to remember when typing, but to give some idea, it can include Paul Simon, The Beatles, Elvis, The Pogues, Bob Dylan, The Waterboys, Neil Young,  Simon and Garfunkel, R.E.M., Willie Nelson, The Kinks, Frank Sinatra, The Everly Brothers, The Stones, Tom Petty, Travis, Madness, Dexys, and all number of random singles from all sorts of people from the 50's to quite recent.  I can even play a couple of Oasis songs but don't tell anyone.

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