allways a fan
Jon has been playing at the Wheatsheaf regularly for us for over 7 years. An exceptional sing and songwriter who is as entertaining as he is talented. Jon brings a range of music that will appeal to all age groups and tastes, and I couldn't recommend him more. Peter Randall, The Wheatsheaf in Crowborough.
Jon plays regularly for us here at Wadhurst Manor. He has a great selection of music from different eras and genres, something to please everyone. Jon always has a story for us and has a great musical trivia knowledge that he likes to test us on. Everyone loves to join in singing, clapping, toe tapping and even dancing.
jon McDevitt is a wonderfully warm, funny, talented entertainer. he plays for our residents at mount Ephraim house in tun wells and they look forward to his visits every month. he always has a story to tell and seems to choose just the right song for the occasion. last year he headlined our annual garden party event and was a resounding success; he sang his famous song ' for want of something better' and all the guests had a copy of the words to sing a long to. hope it becomes a chart topper! he deserves a break.
Amazing music. Deserves to be recognised a lot more for that amazing voice. Amazing person as well as a amazing voice.
John comes and entertains the residents at High Broom care home, and they always look forward to him coming in, he has a great laugh and is very interactive with the residents and always surprises us with new songs and funny anecdotes. We would definitely recommend him to anyone, he is an incredible musician
Jon has been playing at Mill View Care Home for years and is always a highlight of the month. Jon is wonderful with the residents, making jokes and getting everyone singing along to some great classics. I highly recommend Jon as a fantastic musician and entertainer!
Jon has been coming to MG Homes for years and the residents love a morning of singing. Everyone claps along and Jon always has fascinating facts about all the songs he plays! Always plays a good range of songs, something for everyone.
Just to note that the comment from Lily McDevitt might be biased. Possibly.
Jon has been entertaining our residents here at Holy Cross Care Home for several years now. Our residents very much look forward to his visits. He always plays a varied selection of songs and has great musical knowledge which promotes reminiscing and engagement from the audience. Jon is always happy to play requests and will always manage to adapt. I can recommend Jon as a good entertainer.
I love all this music stuff, it is really great. I love my dads music.
We've been booking Jon for a few years at the care units where I work. He plays and sings a variety of acoustic tunes and is great at interacting with our residents. We always look forward to Jon visiting us :)
I seem to have stumbled across this website accidentally while searching for a second hand Dyson Lightball Multi-Floor, but it's definitely splendid.
been a fan for a while
Great gig at new inn hadlow down Sorry about the request for.... streets of london ...
Fantastic professional artist. I very much enjoy hearing you perform and will use you again and again to cover gigs for me :)
Great gig at the Sloop (the new Lindfield!" last night and for "Dancy Dancy" too :)>
Great gig at the Bram on Friday. You kept playing and we all danced. Thank you so much!
Had Jon playing for us at a big private party last night - he was bloody brilliant as always. Great mix of music that suited the whole event. Everybody wanted more ! Will be booking him again soon.

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