We've been booking Jon for a few years at the care units where I work. He plays and sings a variety of acoustic tunes and is great at interacting with our residents. We always look forward to Jon visiting us :)
I seem to have stumbled across this website accidentally while searching for a second hand Dyson Lightball Multi-Floor, but it's definitely splendid.
been a fan for a while
Great gig at new inn hadlow down Sorry about the request for.... streets of london ...
Fantastic professional artist. I very much enjoy hearing you perform and will use you again and again to cover gigs for me :)
Great gig at the Sloop (the new Lindfield!" last night and for "Dancy Dancy" too :)>
Great gig at the Bram on Friday. You kept playing and we all danced. Thank you so much!
Had Jon playing for us at a big private party last night - he was bloody brilliant as always. Great mix of music that suited the whole event. Everybody wanted more ! Will be booking him again soon.

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